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What's new v0.2 just released!

A comfortable chat client, which respects your privacy. Secured with End to End Encryption. Powered by Matrix.

Commet Hero

Feature Rich

Commet aims to provide all the functionality you have come to expect from a modern chat app, without compromising security.

🖼️ GIF Search

🔗 URL Preview

😀 Custom Emoji + Stickers

🚀 Spaces

📳 Push Notifications

🔒 End to End Encryption

Seamless multi-account support

Commet was built from the ground up with multi-account support in mind, with a unique approach which doesn't require manually switching account.

All your accounts are logged in simultaneously, seamlessly blending together so you can focus on the conversation

Permission management that makes sense

Ever felt overwhelmed or confused by the permission system in Matrix? Commet makes it as simple as a drag and drop.
Matrix's permission system is heirarchical, so we display it that way. It's easy to understand at just a glance!

From the blog

Hello, World!

The beginning of something great!

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1 min read
Use of Third Party Services

Detailing our position on integrating third party services in to Commet.

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2 min read

We are Open Source

Commet is built and maintained by a passionate group of volunteers. We are always grateful for any help we can get!